Public Relations / Media Management:  Identifying key print, electronic and “new” media targets and creating a comprehensive strategy for developing positive, supportive relationships that benefit your long-term business interests.

L&H Media KitMarketing Communications:  Developing a comprehensive marketing program to target potential clients or customers and effectively communicate your message, service or product to them.  This could include, as appropriate, market research, design/development of advertising for print, radio/TV, direct mail, public affairs, media relations, etc.

ChessKnightsStrategic Planning / Positioning: Helping you analyze, from a broad strategic perspective, your position in the marketplace; your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges or threats to your position; message development, market research, customer and competitor analysis; your goals, objectives and tactical considerations; variables in the business, political and/or regulatory environment; and how all these factors come together to impact your business interests and overall marketing efforts.

PoliceLightsCrisis Communications / Management: Helping you develop a strategy outlining a clear position and a detailed, long-term strategy for dealing with specific crisis issues affecting your organization and the people or community you serve.

CityHallFountainGovernment Relations / Public Affairs:  Identifying and interacting with federal, state or local administrators or elected officials and enlisting their support on regulatory matters, or other important issues that impact your organization, the community or constituent groups served.

Issues Management & Advocacy:  Helping you identify and develop policies, positions and overall strategies for dealing with key issues affecting your organization and your business or professional interests.  

OpeningCommunity Outreach: Working with you and your representatives to identify key community leaders and organizations and work with them to develop a long-term strategy focusing on areas of mutual interest and significance.

Special Events:  Planning, developing and staging of press conferences, trade shows, facility / office / store openings, seminars, fundraising events, and other public gatherings. 

PwC marketing stuffWriting / Copywriting / Ghostwriting / Editorial Support:  Providing high quality journalistic support to help you meet your specific needs:  News releases, Executive Interviews, Speeches,Op-Eds and Bylined Articles, Advertisements, Brochures, Sales Literature, Direct Mail, Marketing Collateral, Internal Communications, Employee Publications, Media Training, and more.

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