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BooksContractsPenBanking / Legal / Professional Services

For many years, professional services were reticent about the idea of “marketing” their services – believing that such efforts were inherently undignified or unprofessional.

Over time, the rule-making bodies that govern the professionals – particularly in the fields of law, accounting and health care – have loosened their positions and given their blessing to efforts that can promote their field in a way that is dignified, meaningful, and positive manner. 

LegalSealNevertheless, many professionals still feel an aversion to the idea of marketing their services.  Many rely on word-of-mouth or client referrals to uncover potential leads.  Others have begun limited public relations or direct mail efforts – distributing press releases to announce promotions, or sending out the firm brochure to potential clients.  Usually the success of such activities is limited – particularly if, as is often the case, only a vague strategy is underlying the efforts.

Faced with the twin challenges of growing competition and an increasingly uncertain economy – now, more than ever, you need to maximize your business development potential.Stile-Hammurabai

A well-planned, tightly-organized marketing program can be an enormous advantage in helping you reach those prospects you might be missing – and you can accomplish that goal without compromising your professionalism.

We’ll work with you to develop a unified, coordinated and comprehensive marketing communications program to help you identify and reach new prospects.  And we’ll show you how to use your professional image to create new business opportunities.  

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


30thStreetArchitecture, Engineering & Design

The term “modern design” has begun to assume a new meaning – one that underscores the fact of connectedness that exists between people, their environment and the world at large.  

Increasingly, society is developing new expectations on professional design teams to come up with plans that evoke considerations such as:

•  Adaptability
•  Energy efficiency
•  Environmental friendliness
•  “Green” design
•  Sustainability
•  Urban sensitivity

At the same time, uncertain economic circumstances are placing constraints on what can be reasonably expected in terms of fulfilling those considerations while still ensuring a project’s viability. 

CondosWhether you are working with a real estate developer, private or institutional investor, academic institution, hospital or government entity, the need to cope with new demands within a tighter economic framework has never been greater.

Very often, the key to success is the ability to demonstrate not only professional design expertise, but also the ability and willingness to listen to a client’s concerns and perspectives. 

We’ll help you research and identify prospective clients or partners, then work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing program to ensure that you reach the right people with the right message.

We’ll also help you support that program by working with you on appropriate collateral elements you might need – writing support, brochures or newsletter production, direct mail, advertising, public relations and media representation, and internet outreach.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


EmergencyRoomHealth Care / Medicine

Few areas of society have witnessed the kind of upheaval experienced by the health care industry in recent years.

Changes in health care financing systems, regulatory issues and delivery systems – as well as the advent of new and exciting drug therapies and treatment innovations – have created many new opportunities as well as challenges.

At the same time, increasing market-based competition has forced many providers and other entities to reconsider their traditional roles in the community as well as the health care delivery system, with an increasing number banding together to seek out more profitable niches and areas of specialty.Medic

One key to dealing with this expanding array of challenges and opportunities is understanding how the myriad factors affecting the industry inter-relate to one another. 

Our experience covers a broads range of public and private sector health care interests, including:  physician practices, hospitals, retirement communities, nursing homes, physical and occupational rehabilitation services, urgent care clinics, managed care, regulatory interests, and more.

PennMedicineWe will work with you to identify new goals for business development and outreach, as well as a a coordinated strategic marketing communications plan to achieve them.  We’ll also help you support that effort by working with you on the appropriate supporting elements you might need – including media relations, community outreach, government affairs, brochures, newsletters, direct mail, and advertising, as appropriate.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


ConstructionEquipmentReal Estate / Construction

The ongoing upheavals in the financial markets have led to a level of uncertainty in the real estate marketplace not seen in 20 years.

Falling real estate values – first in the residential markets, and increasingly on the commercial side – have helped dry up available financing and left many would-be investors waiting on the sidelines.  Homebuilders have been especially hard-hit, as falling prices, lack of demand and a veritable tidal wave of foreclosures have left many with huge inventories of unsold product. 

With conditions so tight developers, property managers and investors can’t afford to waste time or money.  The days of “build it and they will come” are over.  As the economy continues to stall and as property fundamentals remain in flux, no one can say for certain what the future holds.

At the same time, there are increased levels of public scrutiny and demand for local community input than ever before.  That’s why it’s so important to exercise a much higher level of scrutiny, preparation, as well as market and political astuteness than ever before. 

Crane-HotelThat’s where we can help.  We will work with you to devise a comprehensive strategy to lay the groundwork for developing and marketing your projects – by reaching out and educating citizens’ groups, public officials, media, (and, of course, potential tenants) about the benefits that your projects offer.  Such efforts can go a long way toward garnering vital support that otherwise might meet unforeseen or underestimated resistance by interested political entities or citizens’ groups.  And we will work with you to make sure your developed or acquired assets achieve the highest levels of occupancy attainable. 

Our services are designed to help firms create and maintain a respected, high-level profile among your key stake holders – financial backers, potential tenants, potential partners – as well as public officials, community leaders, civic activists, media watchdogs and other influential constituencies.

CHOP-craneThe ultimate goal is two-fold:  1) to enhance the positive image of your firm in the community (investor, business and local); and 2) to position your firm to maximize your chances of success for both current projects and future endeavors.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


SculptureCultural & Nonprofit Institutions

In today’s uncertain economy, many nonprofit organizations and cultural institutions are being especially hard hit.

Contributions from the private sector are increasingly scarce, as competition from other nonprofit interests intensives.  At the same time city, state and federal funding is either gone or being sharply curtailed.

During a time of cutbacks, public relations and marketing are often among the first areas hit.  That’s ironic, because it is their efforts which, if developed and implemented effectively, could prove to be the ultimate “life saver” for the parent organization or institution.

ThinkerThe key is proper planning and execution.  That’s where we can help.

First we’ll help you determine if your current outreach efforts are being maximized.  We’ll help you identify avenues for reaching potential supporters that you may have overlooked, and we’ll work with you to devise a plan and message for reaching them that is fresh, creative and motivating.

We’ll also help you look for additional avenues for government funding and then target the appropriate officials or administrators with a message that is clear and persuasive.

Coordination is key.  In this way – by bringing to all your marketing, public relations and government affairs efforts in one coordinated, mutually reinforcing framework, we’ll help you maximize your chances for success.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


StateCapitalPublic Policy / Government Affairs

In today’s increasingly complex and interrelated society, organizations of all types – commercial, professional, cultural, social – find themselves impacted more and more by what takes place at local, state and federal government levels.  Especially if the activity involves various regulatory authorities and agencies.

We can help you develop and implement an effective strategy to influence and manage important public policy issues that can influence your chances for long-term success by:

•  Helping you to develop and advance a legislative, political or social agenda that furthers the long-term interests of your company, firm or organization;WashingtonSq

•  Issue identification, analysis and management;

•  Developing policy alternatives;

•  Legislative research, tracking and monitoring;

•  Developing comprehensive strategies for effective advocacy on specific issues or concerns to selected target audiences, including grassroots efforts;

•  Identifying and interacting with elected leaders and other government officials, educating them as to client positions, and enlisting their support on issues relevant to our clients’ interests, particularly those issues involving legislative action, government funding, or administrative or regulatory matters.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


PhilaCollArtsAcademic Institutions

Across the country, scores of colleges and universities are falling victim to the budget axe, as the lingering economic recession, combined with rising inflation, is forcing many states to slash funding for higher education.

In Pennsylvania, institutions are fairing somewhat better. The recently passed 2008-09 budget provides a 3 percent increase in funding for Pennsylvania's community colleges, while the State System of Higher Education and its 14 universities will also receive a 3 percent boost, with state-related universities getting an increase of 1.5 percent.

Drexel-logoEven so, operating costs continue to soar, while pressure builds to curb tuition increases.  The result – more cuts in basic services, personnel reductions and the elimination of academic programs.  In some areas, academic institutions are looking at ways to cooperate:  joint purchasing arrangements, shared services and academic programs, etc.

Another part of the solution – as the University of Pennsylvania and, more recently, Temple University are demonstrating – can be for universities to strengthen existing  bonds with their surrounding communities – and build on them.  Too often, universities operate as if their ivy walls truly do contain a different world. 

OldMainUniversities can do much to show how they are vital to the entire social, economic and political fabric of the community.  That means more than providing jobs to area residents.  It means getting involved with community and neighborhood groups to work for solutions to local problems.  It means a role where administration, faculty and students participate as living, breathing members of the community on a constant basis – not as a group of ivory tower experts riding in to save the day when a particularly difficult dilemma arises. 

Too often, though, that is the perception.

Penn-BridgeThe ultimate goal of such an effort would be to increase support and public recognition for the university from local community and business leaders, as well as elected officials (who can carry significant influence on funding decisions). Such an undertaking requires an innate knowledge of the players and issues to map out opportunities, as well as the development of a strategic plan of action. 

We’ll help you develop that plan, and further support that effort by working with you on the appropriate supporting elements you might need – including media relations, community outreach, government affairs, brochures, newsletters, direct mail, and advertising, as appropriate.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.


BuntingPolitical Communications & Campaigns

“Before you can begin to think about politics at all, you have to abandon the notion that here is a war between good men and bad men.”  -- Walter Lippmann

Politics isn’t simply a war of words.  It’s a contest of emotions, of ambitions, of wills, of ideas, of beliefs, of philosophies, of traditions, of the purest of hopes, and of the basest of desires.

For a political candidate, the magic number is “50% plus one” – winning one more vote than your opponent.  To accomplish that goal, you need to identify your likely backers and, within a limited timeframe, efffectively communicate a message that will convince them to support you.

HandshakeSounds simple enough. Deceptively simple.  Ask any candidate who has lost a close one.  We can help make sure you don’t learn that lesson the hard way.

We’ll help with the essential groundwork – the self-assessment phase, as well as voter analysis, trends and targeting, campaign planning and fundraising.  We’ll also help you develop and fine-tune a campaign message and theme that will motivate your supporters. 

Finally, we’ll work with you to develop and execute a comprehensive program designed to communicate your message, positions and concerns to your targeted voters.  Such a program could involve any number of elements, including: 

Bagpipes•  Campaign planning & strategy development
•   Issues research & analysis and position development
•   Voter demographics (trends & analysis)
•   Speechwriting and media coaching
•   Media analysis, strategy & outreach
•   Development and design of direct mail and other campaign literature
•   Fundraising letters
•   Radio/TV & print advertising
•   Events planning and staging

Whatever elements or combination we work on, you can be certain the focus will be on reinforcing your basic campaign theme and message in a manner that is creative, stimulating and memorable.

For more information about how we can help you, or to arrange a meeting, email  us at: or phone: 215-923-2737.



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